Engineering Insurance

Engineering Insurance

Engineering Insurance is an insurance that covers owners and or contractors of construction and also installation. Moreover, Engineering Insurance also covers heavy equipment, machinery breakdown, and electronic equipment,  with the following details: 

1. Contractors' All Risk

Intended for building construction projects or civil engineering projects described in the schedule except risks excluded under policy. This insurance covers:Fire, lightning, explosion, impact of falling aircraft, extinguishing water or smokeFlood, inundation, rain, snow, windstorm, and tsunamiWindstorm of any kindEarthquake, subsidence, landslide, and rockslideTheft and burglaryBad workmanship, lack of skills, negligence, and malicious acts or human errorsThird party liability 

2. Erection All Risk

Intended for projects to install machines and supporting equipment. This insurance covers the same risks as Contractors' All Risk. 

3. Heavy Equipment Insurance

Intended to guarantee compensation for the heavy equipment insured due to damage or loss that occurs due to risks that are covered in the policy.MPM Insurance offers 2 types of heavy equipment insurance coverage:A. ComprehensiveCover the loss or damage to heavy equipment, either partial or total loss, other than the risks excluded in the policy.B. Total Loss OnlyCover the total loss of heavy equipment which equal to or exceed 75% of its actual market value at the time of occurrence.Cover the loss due to theft.

 4. Machinery Breakdown Insurance

Intended for machinery or mechanical equipment, motors and other equipment. This insurance covers an unexpected and sudden loss or physical damage due to defects in printing and material, wrong design, wrong installation, lack of skill, carelessness, lack of water in the boiler, physical explosion, tearing due to centrifugal force, short circuits, windstorms, or other causes not excluded by the policy, so that they need repair or replacement. 

5. Electronic Equipment Insurance

Intended for owners and tenants of electronic equipment. This insurance covers damage/loss of electronic goods or equipment that is insured either at work, rest, or is being disassembled for cleaning, thorough maintenance, when moved in the location, during the operation or reassembly. But in any case, only after the test try succeeds, except for the risks included in the exclusion of the policy. 

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