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Provision of Financial Literacy and Asset Protection for Bogor SMEs

On Monday (4/22/2019), PT Asuransi Mitra Mustika Protection (MPM Insurance) in collaboration with Kontan held financial literacy training for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) in Bogor, precisely at Sekar Wangi Restaurant Bogor. SMEs are increasingly growing in big cities, but this growth is not in line with their knowledge of finance. There are still many entrepreneurs who have not been able to develop their business properly and avoid the risks that can occur on their assets. This prompted MPM Insurance to provide this training with the theme "Careful Financial Planning, for Great Entrepreneurs" to MSME actors. Various actors who attended the event had a food stall business, a garage, a pulse counter, snacks, and so on. The training was opened by MPM Insurance President Director Alexander Setokusumo and representatives from Kontan, Aris Akhmadi. Alexander explained the meaning of insurance, "Insurance is a medium where you can minimize negative events or risks that can harm us. For example, a convection business that is affected by a flood, then with insurance all business losses can be replaced. The amount of the premium also depends on the level of risk protected. ”Then Eko Endarto, as a financial consultant and as a speaker, also provided educational material on financial management for businesses. The next session was an education session on the importance of protecting property and transportation assets by Joko Wuryanto, MPM Insurance's Claim Manager. Not forgetting also explained the forms of protection provided by MPM Insurance, for example in the case of vehicle loss, accidental damage, also due to natural disasters or crime. After the event ended, the participants were happy to have participated in this training because their insights could be further developed, especially in how to protect their assets from any risk of loss that could befall them. So that with the protection of business assets provided by MPM Insurance, these SMEs can be more focused on developing their business.