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Have you chosen the right car insurance?

The car is a very valuable asset. The purchase price is quite expensive and its function as a primary transportation means you have your own priorities to care for and protect it. Especially with unpredictable road conditions, there may be events that will make your vehicle suffer damage while on the highway. One form of protection that you can apply to your favorite car is to buy car insurance products. Currently there are dozens of car insurance companies in Indonesia with a variety of prices and services. How to choose a good insurance product? here are some tips you can apply: 1. Pay attention to your vehicle needs See the condition of the vehicle you have. More suitable to use comprehensive insurance (all risk) or total lost only. If your car is classified as a luxury car or has an expensive spare part price, you should choose all risk insurance because this type of insurance will replace any damage that occurs to your car. 2. Pay attention to the condition of the surrounding environment You must know about the conditions around your environment. If in your environment there have been natural disasters or frequent brawls you should choose comprevensive insurance compared to total lost only. 3. Check the credibility of the insurance company Visit or check the insurance company's website, see its credibility by assessing financial performance, awards received, or reviews from several customers who have already purchased similar insurance products. 4. Number of partner workshops The large number of partner workshops will facilitate the insurance claim process. A lot of quantity will make it easier for you to find the location of a workshop that is close to your residence or office. 5. Services owned by insurance companies Choose a company that provides the most complete insurance services, for example a 24-hour hot line or a vehicle crane. This will make it easier for you to make a claim when damage occurs at night. 6. Adjust your financial capabilities with a premium value Consider the value of premiums offered by the company. Do not let the premium value offered incriminating your finances. At present many companies generally apply a premium value at the lower limit set by the Financial Services Authority (OJK). Choose carefully insurance for your favorite car, if you want to dig deeper about the right car insurance, try clicking here, hopefully you find a better answer.