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Is Car Insurance Becoming Relevant in Indonesia ?

12 Apr 2017

Most of Indonesian drivers don't know yet about the importance of car insurance. Here the reasons why car insurance is important during this time :

1.  The Number of Car Accident Increased

Based on car accidents data from Police of Republic of Indonesia, the number of car accidents have been increase every year. In 2016, the car accident case number was 105.374 . In 2014, the car accident number was 95.906, the case number increase in significant way. The cause of this situation is the number of cars that increase year by year and the weak implementation of street regulations by the police. Based on data released by WHO, in 2015, Indonesia rank third in Asia for the most car accidents by number, only under China and India. Purchasing Car Insurance product will make you free from worry because you put a reliable protector to your car.

2. Car is Valuable Asset

Car’s price isn’t cheap, as well as the components which build the car. If there are any damaged on your car, you need to spend money to fix it. It could burdened your financial status if your don’t put your car under insurance protection.

3. The Number of Theft Case is High

Because a car has a high price, it could become an object which aimed by the group of robber. You don’t want to lose your car which you get after a year of saving money or a year of credits. Purchsing car insurance product would make you have no worry because the insurance will caover all of your lost if your car was stolen.

4. The Car Become Your Source of Money

For some people, the car is a tool which use to make some money. If you lost the car or the car getting damaged you will occur a double lost because first, you lost your valuable asset, and second, you lost a chance to make money. Purchasing car insurance product will make all of this bad situation never happen because it will replace or fix your car fastly without spending more money.

If your feel that you need a reliable car protection for youe beloved car, just click this link for more complete information about the right car insurance product for your car.