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Have You Chosen The Right Car Insurance ?

20 Apr 2017

A car is a very valuable asset. The purchase price is quite expensive and its function as transportation tool makes you have to care for it. Moreover, there are many unpredictable circumstances on the road , there may be events that will make your vehicle got damaged.

One form of protection that you could apply for your favorite car is to buy car insurance products. Currently there are dozens of car insurance companies in Indonesia with a variety of prices and services.

How to choose a good insurance product? Here are some tips that You can apply:

1. Focus on  the needs of your vehicle

Go through your vehicle, identified its condition. You can choose comprehensive insurance (all risk) or total lost only insurance, it depends on your cars needs. If you have a luxury car or  has expensive spare parts, you should choose all risk insurance because this type of insurance will replace any damages for your car.

2. Identified the condition of the surrounding environment

You must know the circumstances that surround your neighborhood. If the area has the history of natural disasters or people's riot, you should choose comprehensive insurance products.

3. Check the credibility of insurance companies

Visit the insurance company's website, see its credibility by assessing financial performance, rewards earned, or reviews from some customers who have previously purchased similar insurance products.

4. Number of partner workshops

There are workshops that becoming insurance company's  partners that facilitate the process of insurance claims. A lot of quantity of workshop partner will make it easier for you to find a workshop location, as  close as where you live or work.

5. Services  by insurance companies

Choose a company that provides complete insurance services, such as 24 hour hot line or vehicle crane. This will make it easier for you to process claims when there is damage at night or sudden.

6. Adjust your financial ability with premium price

Notice the premium price offered by the company. Do not let the premium price burdened your financial situations. Currently, many companies are applying the premium prices at the minimum limit which set by the OJK (Financial Services Authority).

Choose carefully for your favorite car insurance, if you want to get more information about the best car insurance for your car, try click here, hopefully you find a better answer.